Shree Sant Janardan Swami, Kopargaon

Shri Sant Janardan Swami 'Suvarn Murti'

Name: Nishakam Karmayogi Shri Rastrasant Janardan Swami (Moungiri) Maharaj
Place of Birth: Tapargon, Tal-Vaijapur,Dist-Aurangabad(MH) INDIA.
Mother's Name: Punyashlok Sau Mhalsabai Appaji Ugale
Father's Name: Shri Appaji Ugale
Hobbies in Childhood: with devotion to religious rites prayers with God, he always thoughts for the upliftment of social and national progress.
Religious Sadhana: from 1948 to 1964 He did Sadhana at Crematorius of Shri Nageshwar Mahadeo Mandir Surrounding at Andarsul, Dist- Nashik.
Obliged(Anugraha) of Sadguru: On one Morning a Yoga Named Gorakshajati all of a Sudden appeared in Nageshwar Mahadeo Mandir and gave Obliged( Anugraha) to Sant Janardan Swami was also named as Moungiri

Sadguru Janardan Swami and his Disciple

Shree Sant Janardan Swami Community

The Sant Janardan Swami Mission is well known for its philanthropic, educational and cultural activities all over the world. Based on the philosophy of the unity of human life, the mission endeavors to make people aware of the richness of different cultures all over the world and also of the need for intercultural appreciation and understanding.