From the ancient times India has the birth place of Sants; due to a social change Sants are spread across the globe. In the paradigm shift India loved as a place for the precursor of Vedas, Upanishad and Yoga. In the due course of time Rishis & Munis widen this knowledge to masses for the enrichment of universal sustenance. A believer can found the way of ‘self freedom’ for the fraternity of weaker section of the society as well as Sant endorse ‘Satya Dharma Real Religion’ based on love fraternity with all these things if there is a sense of sacrifice in human being, then it can leads to destruction of imbalance in the society while to convey this ultimate truth through their literature and spiritual guidance. They consider weaker sections of the society as god and assign their life for their service of mankind. Later we come to know about the concept of Niskam Karmyog Service without any expectations of trait when we see the life of Sant are always tried to live on unity, brotherhood and equality in the social order, and they are criticizing blindly belief and unsociable things. As many people are on this planet, those are homes where god is staying: these words come through a Sant to preserve secularism. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ this notion leads us to collective brotherhood. Apparently Sants are born to establish social justice, quality and to create ideal per formalities in the humanity and for this purpose they customary established the ‘Gurukul System’. As the result of this Gurukul System we can say that Maharishi Vyasa, Adi Shankaracharya, etc. such great people are born on this holy land. Swami Vivekananda comments upon “Indian youth should adopt technology with spirituality and develop a great per formality Sadguru Maharaj who united the whole humanity in love, kindness.” These great peoples are still a source of inspiration for the world who’s Guru (Teacher) was Sadguru. Nishkam Karmayogi Sant Janardan Swami (Moungiriji) Maharaj. Swamiji was leading the way for the person who believes in “Service to Mankind is Service to God.” People said that Sant Janardan swami used to educate religious philosophy for last 19 years in the villages, not to fight with each other, help others, work hard, and he always stress upon literacy, for this he always mentioned his followers to send your children to school. For the child education Sant Janardan swami he uses to collect food and money to serve little children. For this purpose he used the local dialect. His beliefs that serve a child are like to serve a cow that is a propitious work. Later phase children will be the foundation of this country, and a national property.

After considering the scenario H. H. Swami Madhavgiri Maharaj introduced one comprehensive Universal idea. The idea was if a student enters either a class 5th or 7th let that student come out of the university after graducation when that student will come through he will be balanced personality. Therefore, his idea is going to start through Sant Janardan Swami Mission mass education and preservation of Indian Culture is the primary aims of mission; Sant Janardan Swami had the vital role to prosper the Indian culture. The mission will be ideal of those Sants and great people who preserved their culture for thousands of years. All religions, Sants, Acharya, and great personalities will be studied universally under this mission. Sant Janardan Swami Mission courses will be induced in Governments of India’s varied courses and affiliated with the university. The Mission will be committed to teach orphan, poor dalit and tribal students also committed to educate these students form class 5th up to graduation to develop a human being in themselves is going to be essential graduate course for them. Therefore, the student who will come though these courses will be fully aware of Indian culture, and teaching of Sants. There will have complete knowledge of life values, various arts, ideas of different people. He will have combination of both knowledge and science. After learning science he will have proud but as he would learn Gita philosophy he will not be Garvistha. He will be literate due to science but illiterate in front of the Bhagavat knowledge. The Indian culture which has the epicenter of spirituality and Vedanta will ultimately move towards the peaceful planet. It will become a world culture .because our country is rich of spiritually; India has the Jagadguru to teach universal knowledge to the world. Therefore, a learner will come out of the mission who will be proud of the Indian culture and do superior work. Niskam Karmayogi Sant Sadguru Janardan Swami and his disciple Swami Madhavgiri Maharaj will be the soul ideal of this working system. There will be centre to study Indian culture in all rounder manners will be a headquarter of various cultural works.

Some specialties of Shree Sant Janardan Swami Mission
  • Temple:-
  • There has to be base of activity for the God to do in a balanced natural atmosphere with environment.
  • School: -
  • Start of Residential school adherent of mission principles. In the school curriculum check the balanced physique and artistic qualities of students to enhance the growth of vigilant mankind for future generation. The classes from 5th to 10th class.
  • College: -
  • Mission always stressed upon Indian spiritual knowledge and cosmic science. This course will be affiliated with various Universities established in national or international level apart from any stream or subjects.
  • Scholarship: -
  • Mission will look upon the qualities of the students, whose annual income is meager and Mission will look after scholarship to dalit, tribal and economically backward students for college education and research. This Scholarship will be offered at national and international level.
  • Earn and Learn Program:-
  • It is a programme of self-reliance, student will go to any other institutes for particular period of time.
  • University: -
  • University will be established at an independent place. There will be higher research after graduation. And 70% students from the Mission and there will be 30% students from different sections of the society. It will be affiliated with the courses of Indian Government and University Grand Commission (UGC).
  • Hostel:-
  • There will be a hostel facility with good arrangements
  • Dharamshala:-
  • There will good lodging & boarding facilities for the tourists and pilgrims. Also hall with independent bed rooms.
  • Conference Room:-
  • There will be lectures, discussion , spiritual speech and stories in the conference room. There will be various programmed related with Mission’s activities. The strength of this conference room will be 6000 students.
  • Exhibition: -
  • There will be an exhibition on the beautiful incidents of Sants life by the students, writings of Sants, and the things they used. A museum with important documents of the ideal people not only from India but from World.
  • Residence:-
  • There will be a accommodation for devotees located at quiet and fine-looking place and arrangement for the Yogic and Ayurveda treatment of different ailments.
  • Medical Services: -
  • There will be free medical treatments for the underprivileged section of the people.
  • Library and Research Center: -
  • There will be books and practical things on all educational curriculum run by the Mission All these books will be available after the advice of pundits, Scholars. Literature on the life of Sants and tradition will be available here form all Indian languages. The books in the library will be fully furnished as well as internet facility to avail material on all books and various subjects.
  • Vanaprasthashram: -
  • All the Sants and great people said that ‘Moksha’ is the ultimate goal of human life. The aim of every individual has to be self knowledge that is ‘Moksha’ for this purpose Sants had told us four ways Karmyoga, Dhyanayoga, Bhaktiyoga, Rajyoga Vanprastha Institute in the mission will welcome the spiritual person who wants follow a way out these four. Once they are in the Vanprasth Institute they expected to follow the rules of the institute and mission will be committed for it.

New Project: - "Sadguru Vishwadham"

The Universal Temple “Sadguru Vishwadham” will be build with the Inspiration of Amareshwar Temple Amarkanthak, Swami Vivekananda Rock Kanniyakumari, Shri Ramkrishna Temple Belur Math, Shri Rameshwar Temple Tamil Nadu, and Akshardham Temple New Delhi.