On the Auspicious Day of Margsheesh shudh Pradosh (Geeta Jayanti) Sunday the 10th of December 1989, Shri Rastrasant Janardan Swami (Moungiri) Maharaj amalgamated in the soul of God at 4:35 hours in the Morning As per his desire, After the Mahanirvan of Shri Rastrasant Janardan Swami (Moungiri) Maharaj, A Magazine named SHRI SANT JANARDAN SWAMI AMRUT VACHAN is being published by shri Rastrasant Janardan Swami Maharaj Ashram regularly every month form which wide publicity of teaching of Swamiji is given to all corners of people. In Order to transparent and publicly open working of the Ashram Formed by Shri Rastrasant Janardan Swami Maharaj.                                    MAHANIRVAN TAPOWAN, NASHIK ASHRAM


Shri Sant Janardan Swami Moungiri Maharaj passed away on 10th December 1989. His followers have now taken up the noble task of social service and preaching. A massive 'Samadhi' is being constructed at Kopargaon, beside the Holy River Godavari (South Ganga) in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra State. He had given Samadhi at Bet Kopargaon Dist- Ahmednagar (M.5) on 11th December 1989, at 10 Clock in the Noon.
          It was told by Swamiji in early days. His Soul resting in Samadhi 'is working as Divine Electric Generator, generating the Divine Electricity. Today Swamiji's followers still are experiencing his association. The main sub-stations like Sharvayeshwar at Nashik in Tapovan. Kashivishwanath at Kopargaon. High hold distributing transformers like Madhavgiri Guru Moungiri are set for spreading and prompting the teaching. Some feeder meters like Santoshgiri and so many innumerable 'Sanyashis' are also managed. And other some feeders like Shivbhakta Parayan Mahatma Mohanrao Chavan, Shradhey Bhau Patil are also set by Shri Sant Janardan Swami.                                           MAHASAMADHI Kopargaon
Name: Nishakam Karmayogi Shri Rastrasant Janardan Swami (Moungiri) Maharaj
Place of Birth: Tapargon, Tal- Vaijapur, Dist-Aurangabad (Maharashtra) INDIA.
Mother's Name: Punyashlok Sau Mhalsabai Appaji Ugale
Father's Name: Shri Appaji Ugale
Hobbies in Childhood: with devotion to religious rites prayers with God, he always thoughts for the upliftment of social and national progress.
Religious Sadhana: from 1948 to 1964 He did Sadhana at Crematorius of Shri Nageshwar Mahadeo Mandir Surrounding at Andarsul, Dist- Nashik.
Obliged(Anugraha) of Sadguru: On one Morning a Yoga Named Gorakshajati all of a Sudden appeared in Nageshwar Mahadeo Mandir and gave Obliged( Anugraha) to Sant Janardan Swami was also named as Moungiri

Social Work: 
Sant Janardan Swami explained the teaching of religion to common man in a simple but fluent language. He de-addicted thousands of people and brought them on the way of life. Besides he constructed and started Ashram school, Primary School, Hostels, Montessori's and Gurukul at various districts in Maharashtra States for Poor, Orphan and needy Student. He also constructed and started School to literate Children not only in Maharashtra but in the whole Country.
  • Hostel for Tribal Students in Nashik.
  • Hostel for Tribal Students at Trimbakeshwar. Dist- Nashik.
  • Hostel for Tribal Student and Gurukul System School at Dhule.
  • Hostel for Poor Student at Kopargaon, Dist- Ahmednagar.
  • English Medium School at Kopargaon.
  • Ashram School and Gurukul System School at Verul. Dist- Aurangabad.
  • 'Adivashi Bal Vikas Kendra' at Shiv Nagar, Nandur, Nashik.
  • Primary School and Gurukul System School at Tunki, Dist- Aurangabad.
  • Ashram School at Sakur, Dist-Jalgaon.
  • Bal Sanskar Kendra at Niphad, Dist- Nashik.
  • 'Adivashi Bal Vikas Kendra' Trimbakeshwar, Dist- Nashik.
  • Hostel for Poor Students at Aurangabad.
  • Shri Jagadguru Janardan Swami (Gurukul System) School Kashi. Uttar Pradesh.

Mandir/Temples Constructed by Shri Rastrasant Janardan Swami Maharaj: 
  • Shri Pandurang Mandir, Kopargaon.
  • Shri Nageshwar / Tekeshwar Mandir Andarsul. Tal-Yeola, Dist- Nashik.
  • Shri Pinakeshwar Mahadeo Mandir Jategaon, Dist- Nashik.
  • Shri Shideshwar Mahadeo Mandir Verul, Dist- Aurangabad.
  • Shri Pareshwar Mahadeo Mandir Palkhed.
  • Shri Janeshwar Mahadeo Mandir Aurangabad.
  • Shri Kashivishvnath Mahadeo Mandir Puntamba.
  • Shri Hrudyeshwar Mahadeo Mandir Trimbakeshwar, Dist- Nashik.
  • Shri Sharvayeshwar Mahadeo Mandir Tapowan, Nashik.
  • Shri Kashivishvnath Mahadeo Mandir Kopargaon.
  • Shri Nilkhantheshwar Mahadeo Mandir Nashik.
  • Shri Mouneshwar Mahadeo Mandir Sakur, Malegaon.
  • Shri Mahamrutyunjay Mahadeo Mandir Nandur, Nashik.
  • Shri Amruteshwar Mahadeo Mandir Niphad.
  • Shri Narmadeshwar Mahadeo Mandir Bhausaheb Nagar, Niphad.
  • Shri Kashivishwanath Mahadeo Mandir Kashi, U. P.
Green Revolution & Preservation of Environment: 

There is a Barren land of thousand acres near the Ashram of Shri Rastrasant Janardan Swami (Moungiri) Maharaj. the help of fruits and flowers. As such it would be property say that he has done green Revolution in this Work.

Implementation of Prohibition on National Level: 

Implementation of prohibition programme is a National Level Programme. In order to acquaint the bad effects of alcohol/ liquor, Swamiji emphasised the devotees/ audience to remain aloof from as a result, thousands of people left the alcoholic drinks forever. As such Swamiji dedicated the People and gave contribution in prohibition programme .