Shri Sant Ganesh Baba was born on the holy day of Lord Datta Jayanti it was Margashirsha Pournima at mid day 12'O Clock, in the vicinty of Bhima & Amarja river at Gangapur. It was the auspicious day when this great saint was born. After the birth of Babaji a sant appeared before his parents, in his divine vision and said "This is my son, he will be a great sant in future look after my child carefully. He is born for the welfare of all & for the service to the downtroddens, sufferers. I will initiate him in future on due day."Ganesh Baba was was a disciple of Lord Narsimha Saraswatee Datta Maharaj. Sant Ganesh Baba

They was a great yogi & saint. As per the prophecy of Lord Narsimha Saraswatee ganesh baba was a great divine personality babaji was just six months old, when they came to Pune at Mrs. Lawhate. She was the sister of babaji`s father. Babaji did M.A in Sankrit & French from Wilson College Bombay with excellent marks in 1869.

They joined Fergusson College Pune as an Honorary Lecturer of Sanskrit & French in 1870. Being the inheritor of divine glance of Lord Narsimha Saraswatee & being born for the welfare of humanity, Babaji could not develop deep interest in teaching. At the age of 19 babaji was successor of divine vision of most revered Lord Narsimha Saraswatee Maharaj & received initiation from them.After the initiation babaji went to himalayas for intense austerity & stayed there for 12 years in that spell bound one day they Lord Narsimha Saraswatee Maharaj arose & extended his loving Incantation-Initiation to him & further asked Shri Sahjanand Saraswatee Maharaj to pay proper attention towards babaji. Later babaji studied Spritiual scriptures, vedas, upnishadas. Babaji was very keen for the work of his Lord Narsimha Saraswatee & so they completed 1008 repeated persuals of Shri Guru Charitra & thus learned the divine book. They had walked arround 108 times to Ashta Vinayaka temple being 700kms. Also bara jotirlingas & Navanth Stane Dham, Satpuri & Chari Dham of god. Babaji completed 229 Obiations yadnya till date. Several times it has been seen that they are lost in contemplation contantly from 4 to 8 days irrespective of climatic conditions.

Babaji appeared in Nasik in 1975 near the Laxmi Narayan Temple with red colored apparel they constructed the temple of Lord Ganesha at Nasik Road. Babaji was very fond of Ganesh idols & was always seen near the temple so called by the Nasikites as Ganesh Baba. Shri Sant Ganesh baba age 145 very fond of doing dhyna used to invite Shri Sant Sadaguru Janardan Swami Munagiri Maharaj in his Ashram. Sant Janardan Swami, the lover, counterpart of Lord Shiva and Sant Ganesh Baba, the counterpart of Lord Ganesh came together. Shri Sant Ganesh Baba being a lover of Lord Ganesh, accepted Shri Sant Janardan Swami to be his Divine Father. Ganesh baba always used to come in Nashik Ashram on Occasion of Jap Anushthan, 108 Kundatumk Mahalakshmi Yag. He always support Swami Madavgiri Maharaj and other people in Asharam though he was so aged but still able to walk, doing nonstop jap of Lord Ganesha. Inspiring people what they can do if they do regular Jap. Those who can see him in life once there life really worth.

We salute this great Sant for his support in Sant Janardan Swami Ashram. Such Sant rare to see again.