India had a golden past of the spirituality which binds the whole human kind in one thread. In the proud tradition of Inidan culture the people sacrificed the personal life deliberately and worked for the welfare of the common people, national saint Janardhan Swami Disciple Swami Madhavgiri is one of them. National Saint Janardan Swami Avtari Sidhamahapurush was a great man. When he swa Swami Madhavgiri, he realized that a person who can control and win SWAMI MADHAVGIRIthe senses an exists in this world. Thereafter, he became a dedicated disciple of Janardan swami. History in Depth. As most favorite disciple of Janardan Swami Moungiri Maharaja, instead of blindly imitaing religion and Indian culture, he was lucky to learn lessons of world religion through Indian Spiritual tradition which strengthens to the man and society. Traveled all over the country. For welfare of the common people, he had done 108 Kundatmak Mahalaxi Yaga with H. H. Ganesh Baba and H. H. Guruvarya Narayandev Baba. In the World Religion Conference held in 1955 in Mount Abu Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya of Rajasthan, he was present there as a religion warrior from Maharashtra.

Through Aasetuhimachal

          Shri Swami Madhavgiri is the personality, developed through the Sankara and Nishkam Karmyogi of Sanit Janardan Swami. He is leading life full of Sacrifices and is wrking hard day and night, to fulfill the left dream of Sadguru of Welfare of People.
          Swami Madhavgiri was born on the holy day of know about Saint Janardan Swami. When he was 14 years old, and in the 9th class, he went to Verul to meet Janardan Swami. As he swa Janardan Swami's constant hardworking Spirit he decided himself to he a devotee of God. Therefore, he started to go Verul to Dongaon, every Monday, to meet Swamiji. To fulfill his desire of self knowledge, he wanted to be in the company of Janardan Swami.
          Janardan Swami, his mind changed, and realized that the welfare of society is more holy company and atmosphere of Ashram; he felt the changes in himself. Gurudev used to motivated SWAMI MADHAVGIRIto the innocent disciple for education, which was gong to he isolated from the world. Asper Janardan Swami's desire he completed his graduation form commerce. At that time, a graduate student can very easily avail a good government job in any Organization but Swamiji was committed to the welfare of mass and motherlan. From his college life, Swamiji Started his world for the people and people came to know about his work, it's due to his efforts famous people of Aurangabad, visited Janardan Swami.
          Marathwada University's (presently, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University) contemporary VCR.P. Nath, Head of Commerce Department, Professor Mhogaonkar, such people Started to visit Ashram. Due to all there happly experiences, and to developed the work of Swamiji, he devoted himself for fulltime.
          Janardan Swami's primary work was to motivate the children of Dalits, Triabl and the kinds of financial weaker section of the society for education and to manage food while they are learning in the school. Swamiji built hostels for the purpose, Swamiji was busy in looking after these hostels, daily worship in the ashram, to look after the Saints Visiting ashram, reading of Veda, Upanishads, Geeta and Dyaneshwari.
          Janardan Swami loved Madhavgiri and that's why he handed over the responsibility of developments of Ashram.


          Swami Madhavgiri is highly qualified; he had command on 3 languages. Th convey the thoughts of Sadgurudev to common people he used straight and simple language, its shows his great quality. In the ashram today traditional Balsansakr of Vedic period has been thought. Nasik, Triambakeshwar, Verul, Aurangabad, Palkhem, Jalgaon, Puntamba, Sakur, Niphad, Jalana etc. are the places Where the Ashram and had been established and their is the facility of school and hostels, student are learning there both great joy. This great work had been completed due to the hard work of the people. Swamiji usually used to Say, all it is the grace of Sadguru and that's why this works of people welfare is gong on. Today Janardan Swami's Ashram is place of pilgrimage of the people of rural area.If the ideology of Sanit Janardan Swami is spread all across the country and world, main both fulfill their dreams and this is desire of Janardan Swami.

We salute the great Man.